I'm not a sought-after professional

Started by McLeBron, May 24, 2024, 07:33:52 AM

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I realize that complaining is the dumbest thing to do in my situation. But still, sometimes I want to whine a little, saying that I don't have a good job and a high salary because I'm not a sought-after specialist. Nowadays everybody needs IT specialists, developers, web designers and other specialists who are connected with digital sphere. I worked for many years in catering as a waiter, then on other jobs such as cleaners, cashiers, etc. I know how to do a lot of things, but it's like it's not in the top of the best professions.


Yet such professionals are very much needed. I think you're exaggerating. Probably, a cashier won't earn as much as an IT specialist. But there are different options, different companies. You just have to look harder.


Get it, cause my situation is like yours. I don't despair and even combine several jobs, which is hard for me, but being without money is even harder. Now all my jobs that I have, I found on Layboard, and perhaps I can recommend the platform to you for your job search. Alternatively, you can always start learning. There are a huge number of online courses and schools to get a new specialty.

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