Any advice on how to remove AC unit from a QS 10?

Started by Monkey Ninja, August 27, 2017, 08:48:20 AM

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Monkey Ninja

I have a 2015 QS10 and I want to remove the AC unit and replace it with a panel.
1) What exactly do I need to remove to get it out?
2) Does Livinlite sell a panel I can put in its place?

We rarely need AC so I want to store it and save a little weight and clutter.


Never removed one myself, but my understanding is they are installed and removed from the outside. They are all shipped with AC seperate and dealer installed so any dealer should be able to give you more info. I don't believe that there is any commercially available AC blanking panel to be had, although you might just fashion a tighter fitting tonneau cover and use the existing rail and snaps to keep it in place.

Monkey Ninja

I had some time to investigate more. The AC unit is held down from the top by a pair of angle brackets. They are screwed into the AC unit and the aluminium frame inside the trailer.  The plastic cover on the top of the AC frame must be removed to get to them. I think it is glued down. I tried to pry it off but it is really stuck down. I don't want to crack it.

I may try some gentle heat on the aluminium to soften the adhesive...

Monkey Ninja

I was able to get it out. The plastic top was held down by some wonderfully sticky tape. It took persistent pressure but a few sections gave in eventually. Once that is off you can easily remove it.

The screws take a #2 square drive.

Whoever put in the weather stripping around the AC was sloppy, most of it was wadded up and the adhesive backing hadn't been removed.