Towing behind a TC various

Started by Biewers on the go, May 16, 2017, 10:52:17 AM

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Biewers on the go

I am a newbie to the TC traveling as haven't done it solo ever before, but we used TC for many years when the kids were young so not a complete newbie, even towed with it, but had a 1 ton truck without extended cab so very different.  So, my question is, I have the TC 8.4s on a Ford 250 Super Duty diesel with towing package and extended cab.  I need to haul a bumper pull horse trailer behind this and my overhang and step are adding an addition 32" to my hitch length, YIKES.  I know I will need stabilizer or weight distribution bars on my hitch too, but has anyone else towed much with their TC's and have any insite or suggestions for me to avoid problems down the road? 

oh, and I had the Road master TC springs added, and new shocks put on but now am debating whether to add another spring to my leaf springs or to have air bags installed.  Has anyone had any problems with the airbags?  I live in upstate NY where we have winter and can't find anywhere indoors to store this baby in the winter so far as on my truck is too tall to get into the barns doorways. 



Thank you for sharing this topic, this is an issue that I am very concerned about. wordle hint