Tire Size of quicksilver livin lite 10?

Started by bradicalism, August 10, 2020, 10:56:05 AM

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Hey everyone,

Just purchased a quicksilver 10, believe its from around 2007 but i'm not completely sure. Looking at getting the tires checked and replaced if neccessary but tire shops are asking for the size? I believe it's 12" but they are asking for another number as well that I'm not sure of. Are these a standard size, and if so, what size replacement tire would I need if the current ones are no good?

Thanks for the help!

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The original size is 145 r12C- it's a light truck tire. See pic attached. 

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I bought my 2007 10.0 new - I had a blowout this year hence the recent knowledge! Trying to spice two new LT tires myself of anyone has any leads!

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That's "source" not spice.  And "if" not of.  Fat fingers