New(to me) 2013 13QBB

Started by Devman84, April 26, 2024, 10:08:43 AM

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Hello! I recently purchased a 13QBB but it did not come with any manuals or documentation. I had to replace some propane hoses, the toilet and sink already. The toilet wouldn't stop "slow flushing" the sink would just erupt when water was plugged in.

Good News: The Fridge, microwave/oven, stove, heater, AC, all power outlets work!

Is there an outdoor shower/sink connection?
Can you drink the water out of the sink with a filter outside at the park water connection?
Does the battery on the trailer only control the emergency brakes?
Where do you put your spare tire?

Any other tips or guides are greatly appreciated! Can't wait to use this thing.


I have 2014 13BHB and I imagine the 13QBB is similar.

To answer your questions to my best knowledge, see below:

1. There should be an outdoor shower connection access door beside the city water/water tank filling connections access door on the left side of the camper.

2. As long as your water source is drinking safe, you have sanitized the 13QBB water system and you are using a drinking water safe hose to supply the water to your camper; drinking from the sink water tap should be safe.

3. There should be two batteries on the front tongue.
One small in a small black box for emergency brakes
One regular size battery in a large black box which would power your 12 volt camper items like, lights, water pump etc.

4. There should be a spare tire attached under the trailer.

I hope this helps


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