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Livin Lite Realtree 6.0 SUT Basecamp


My g/f and I picked up a new 2015 that was on one of our local dealers lot.  However they are not a livin lite dealer and know very little about the trailers.  This is my question. 

The unit came with 2 fan/light's one for each side of the pop up tent.  However i have had this unit tore apart under the bench on the right to trace wires and check the inverter.  I for the life of me cannot find a second plug in for the light fan package.  There is one single plugin for the fans and lights.  It looks like a headphone jack plugin and the only one I could find was located where i put a red circle on the picture.  Is there only one plugin on these models?  It seems really strange that i would have 2 fans and 2 lights and only 1 headphone jack style power plugin, essentially making the second fan/light a backup.  Is this the case? or have i completely missed the other plugin?

The Quicksilver tent campers come with 1/bunk.  The 6.0 only has one bunk so you got an extra one.



I have a 2010 6.0 with two jacks for lights/fans. One near the hinge point and another in the corner of the dinette benches.

Excellent! thanks for the info! 

Guess ill just have to wire one in myself, call me OCD but i think 2 just evens things out a bit. lol

https://www.etrailer.com/Accessories-and-Parts/Optronics/RVC100.html this is the right part eh?

That's the part. I did the same when we had a 6.0.


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