Putting a QS 10 up by yourself

Started by Shellee, April 24, 2017, 06:36:55 PM

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Hi all,

Looking for ideas on how to put up a QS 10 by myself. For a 60 year old 5'3" female I am in excellent shape but not strong enough to lift up the canvas or bring down the bars to snap the canvas down. Usually have to ask a friendly camper to help me.


I use a pole about 4 and a half feet long that I support the bunk with when I fold it out.  One end of the pole is on the ground and the other has a pad about 6x6 inches which goes against the bunk.    By sitting on the  pole there is no tension to pull in order to get the snaps done.  I do one side at a time and then attach the struts. 


That's interesting about snapping down the canvas. Do you have trouble putting up the canvas yourself? Thank you.


We just bought a 14XLP. I'm female, 59 years old, and 5'7". I will want to single-hand the camper sometimes. I am able to lift the bed frames out myself and pin them, but the canvas and tube supports are too darn heavy. I had to figure out how to raise the canvas myself.

After I pinned out the bed frames, I opened the door of the camper and crawled in. From the inside, I pushed up one side of the canvas, walking it out toward the end until the big tube support swung past the halfway point, at which point its own weight pulled it open all the way. I went outside and snapped two snaps on the end. Then I crawled back inside and did the same thing with the other end. Seemed to work okay, though it wasn't the easiest thing I ever did.

Hope this helps.


When we sold our 6.0 to a seasoned camper.  She was concerned about flipping the top over by herself. I rigged up a 6' PVC pipe with para cord and a carabiner to hold the lid 3/4 of the way up and then with a strap she could push it over and use the strap to lower it down.
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