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16tbs Receiver Height


Investigating the use of the Anderson No-Sway WD for our yet to be 16tbs.  Does anybody have the spec on the receiver height please?

Not sure exactly what you are asking. Receiver height is dependent on the tow vehicle and its suspension. Heavy duty pickups have a high receiver height and small SUVs have lower heights.

You then buy a ball mount in various drops to get the correct ball height for your trailer.

What I suspect you want to know is the height of the ball when the trailer is level. For my dual axle 16TBS that is 18-1/2" from the ground to the top of the ball.

The single axle 16TBS will be different.


I think our 2017 16 TBS with single axle and 15" wheels is about 24".

Yes and thank you I did ask that back asswards.  >:(  Surprised but shouldn't be that single axel is that high.  Good ground clearance. Having the dealing install the Anderson and will leave these issues to them.


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