QS 10.0 Details

Started by Whiskeyjack, October 04, 2022, 06:15:30 AM

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Hello all!  I'm looking at purchasing a QS 10.0 and wanted to clarify a few things before pulling the trigger!

a) What weight are the queen beds rated for?
b) Do all of the 10.0 models have electric brakes or do I need to specifically ask still?
c) One model I'm looking at has solar panels (3 x 100W) and an inverter (1000W).  Does anyone know what sort of functional use I can run from this and is it worth the extra cost?

Thanks in advance!


We ran our 6.0 with an 80W solar panel. That was enough to charge the battery to keep up with our phones and tablets. 300W is lot for a pop up we nurse our 16 TBS along with 80W panel.
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