2009 Quicksilver 10.0 Wheel Question

Started by ahudson, September 12, 2022, 09:14:42 PM

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Hi Everyone,

I am going to pick up a 2009 Quicksilver 10.0 this week and have to drive it quite a ways. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the standard wheel and tire size is? I was thinking of buying a spare just in case I had any issues. I was also thinking about bringing a grease gun and checking the bearing before heading home.



I'm not sure, but In a brochure I have it says 12".
I would get a picture from seller of tire size, it's right on the outside of tire itself. If wheel has 4 bolts, should be a 4 on 4 bolt pattern. If 5 bolts, then 5 on 4 1/2 bolt pattern.
Definitely take grease gun, all the campers and toyhaulers have ez lube axles, I don't know if the older pop-ups do. If it does, jack up tire using the trailer frame, and pump grease into end of axle while spinning tire.
If not, then you or someone else would have to take apart the hub to grease it properly.
Good luck.