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2017 Quicksilver 10.0 for sale - Southern California


Looking to sell our beloved 2017 Quicksilver 10.0 

Bought it a few years back since we needed something lightweight (dry weight 1190lbs) we knew we could tow behind our Pacifica mini-van (for some reason, Chrysler only 'rates' it to pull 1500 lbs without factory installed tow package).     The trailer is great, but we have access to a cabin in the mountains now and have been using that primarily.

Trailer is in great condition.   Will be posting photos soon.


Offroad package
LP propane furnace/stove
Rear cargo platform

We've also replaced the 2x queen sized mattresses with 3" memory foam toppers.

Sent a PM.  Iím in SoCal and looking for a 10.0. 

Sent a pm....I'm located in upland ca....looking to purchase


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