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Hello all,
  Unfortunately, now that I've joined the forum, you may be hearing from me often.   :'( >:( We have a '14 8x24 that we bough new in '15. We fell in love with the layout and premise of an all aluminum hauler. But we'll start with one problem at a time.

I left the Bathroom roof vent open about 2 " on one of our trips down I-25 to Colorado Springs to find the roof vent missing when we arrived.  Thinking it was a fluke I replaced it with a white (was smoke)  camco unit. After a couple more short day trips with all vents closed, that roof vent went AWAL as well. So I replaced with the "Premium Unbreakable" white cover.

One more trip left me missing not only the vent, but it tore the spotwelded flange off of the vent body. I made a new flange and have riveted it to the body and have installed another unbreakable lid. I'm now considering installing one of these to make sure it stays there.

Anyone else have any problems keeping vent covers on?

Also last summer found the rear smoke vent cover(the one over the bed) leaking during our vacation at Taylor Park where it continued to rain for several more days. Once home, I found that the cover was dry checked and brittle. (I replaced all the remaining smoke covers with White unbreakable covers) I find a vent cover that deteriorates within 2 years of purchase completely unacceptable.

I love the idea of the trailer, but so far the components (Mostly Dometic) are a major disappointment.  :-\ 

From your trials and tribulations it sounds like the vent may be mounted backwards. The opening should face aft and the hinge should be forward. I leave mine open at least an 1" or so on the road and have never had a problem.


They are all mounted in the correct direction. The only thing I can think of since it is just that vent is some type of turbulence or vortex that would cause the vent to shake and shimmy to the open position. Our previous hauler we owned for 18 years and over 100000 miles and never had to replace a vent cover. And we would ride with them open on cross country trips. 

I had the same problem until I covered the cheap dome covers (made by Heng's--super cheezy) with the heavier white one that you included in a picture.  The ones I used are made by camco and I covered all 3 of my roof vents with them.  I cant believe your flange ripped off!  You must've encountered some serious wind!!  I rarely exceed 70mph when pulling my VRV.  I trailered it all the way from Michigan to Florida and back and thank god all my covers are still in place. 

We definitely encounter some wind here on the front range. I'll go ahead and put the cover on that one. The rest don't see to be an issue.  Thanks for at least letting me know I'm not the only one. We had some good gusts yesterday and everything stayed where it should. One thing I didn't mention is I have in the past had both the upper front wall vent and the lower rear vent open and now I have them closed. I wonder if that had anything to do with it.


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