converting 10' awning to 8' awning

Started by finnski, July 30, 2018, 05:31:59 PM

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Hi All.
Well I am halfway thru my latest project. I am converting my dometic awning from 10' to 8' on my 2014 14db.
Why you ask? because I never liked the fact that I can't open my bedroom window unless the awning is deployed. I think it was a bad design decision and effects several models from what I can see.
  So far I have disassembled the unit off the trailer and removed the fabric from the roller tube, removed the torsion assemblies and marked the alignment holes/slots on the tube prior to cutting
I then marked and cut the roller tube exactly 2 feet shorter( from 114.5 inches down to 90.5 inches) and redrilled the 3 rivet holes to align with the torsion assembly end cap as well as drilled a 3/8 dia hole/slot to match the previous tube end. I still have to order a replacement fabric piece (around $150) and reinstall the fabric onto the tube and reinsert the torsion assemblies which is only about an hours worth of work. Thought about cutting the existing fabric down by 2 feet and reusing but it had been out in the Texas sun for 4 years and was taking a beating from the uv rays and the underside had enough staining to not be worthwhile. I will update this thread with more pictures once the job is complete.
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Nice work you did here. 

We considered doing the same but found out you can disconnect the support at the bottom and kick it out enough to open the window.  It has its pluses and minues since it creates a head banging opportunity and the dog's lead can get tangled in it too.
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Good point but I wanted to use the window without touching the awing at all.
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Good job, thanks for sharing pics and details on how you did it, man...

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I'm considering doing the same thing, but noticed that I could only move the front awning support back 18" instead of 24".  This puts it pretty close to the wheel well.  Do you have pictures of the final install?


Awnings come in one of two forms: fixed or retractable—and retractable awnings can be withdrawn by either a hand crank or a motor.

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It has its pluses and minues since it creates a head banging opportunity and the dog's lead can get tangled in it too.
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