2013 Camplite QBB for sale $14k

Started by Molly, June 23, 2022, 09:32:11 AM

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I've turned this little 16ft trailer into a little tiny home - lived and traveled in it for almost two years, was perfect for this writer chick.

Bed frame is queen size, in photo is a single bed, larger fridge, micro, AC, aluminum floor - the valences on window removed, now have cool silver curtain rods with clips so can put any curtains you want.

I'm completing two repairs at the moment (new awning, new kitchen window).

No cell service at the moment, email for more photos and info: [email protected]



Photos would not load above, trying again here.


Please email for more photos - won't upload for some reason.



That sounds like an amazing adventure! Living and traveling in a 16ft trailer converted into a tiny home must have been an incredible experience, especially for a writer chick. It's fantastic that you were able to customize the trailer to suit your needs, with a queen-size bed frame, larger fridge, microwave, and AC to ensure comfort during your journeys.

Removing the valences on the windows and replacing them with silver curtain rods gives you the freedom to personalize the interior with any curtains that match your style and preferences. It sounds like you have put a lot of effort into making your tiny home a cozy and functional space.

Completing repairs, such as adding a new awning and fixing the only up kitchen window, shows that you take good care of your tiny home, ensuring it remains in good condition for future adventures.

Living in a tiny home on wheels provides a unique and liberating lifestyle, allowing you to explore new places and create memorable experiences. It's wonderful to hear about your journey, and I wish you many more exciting adventures ahead as a writer chick on the road! Happy travels and happy writing!