Quicksilver VRV Axle Brackets Cracked

Started by keeena, June 14, 2022, 08:38:10 AM

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I have a 2015 Livin Lite VRV toy hauler 24x8.5 and recently found that my axle brackets are starting to fail. The failure is the same as posted elsewhere (https://rv.org/blogs/news/watch-those-axles-a-true-story, https://www.livinlite.com/forum/index.php?topic=1279.0): the aluminum L-brackets on the frame which the axle bolts to crack at the 90* bend. My 2c is that this is caused by the fact that the aluminum is bent from flat plate (at least appears that way) as well as fatigue induced in this same area from poor welding. I attached one pic as an example - in my case, the forward half of the brackets is completely cracked off on 3 of the 4 brackets. With the axle removed, you can see hairline cracks starting on the rear portion of the bracket.

I don't expect any recourse from KZ even though I will be filing a report with the NHTSA.

Anyway - I'm at a stage where I'm curious what it cost folks to fix, how yours was fixed, and to share what I'm doing.

I machined beefier brackets to replace the original brackets using thicker (3/8") structural extrusion that should be much stronger than the bent-up 1/4" LL used. The old ones will have to be cut off and new brackets welded on. I wanted to have this done by a mobile welder because it would let me do most of the labor (drop axles, cut off brackets, tack weld new brackets on in the right location), but having no luck finding a mobile welder in the northeast right now. I am a hobbyist welder but not going to do the full weld-out myself for liability reasons.

The first quote I received was $1200. I'm kind of curious what others faced with their repairs. Did shops just try to weld over the cracks? Bolt the axle directly to the frame? Reinforce the brackets in any way?