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8.1 battery connections


This is really embarrassingly simple, but I understand there are no  longer dealers to annoy:  how do I hook up the battery?  I removed the battery last summer, took it home to put on a trickle charge over the winter, assumed I would recall the battery connections, and wires would only fit one way anyway.  Poor memory, poor assumptions.  One post connection is wrapped in red electrical tape, clear enough to be positive, one in black, ok, negative.  But the third has about a 1" square block with a red rubber cover that seems to have two posts under them.  I do not know what this is for or which post it should be connected to.  The side of the block has two side by side "-" signs.  That says negative to me, but red color says positive and I do not know what it does.  Any guidance?  I did read the note in prior questions about trickle charge maybe not being effective, and I am heeding that.  Also, did not see this covered in the manual, so asking for help and willing to accept the ridicule.


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