Why is it so hard to find used Camplites??

Started by EricP7040, January 01, 2018, 08:18:59 PM

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" there are some die hard livinlite fanatics"        .................. I have an all aluminum 11 footer for sale..............



I am thrilled with my trailer even if I am concerned about the future of Livin Lite with shutdown rumors swirling.

I wrote an article about them yesterday here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Livin_Lite_RV

Tried reaching the company today to no avail . . . yet.

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The floor! The floor! The camper really didn't need a floor strong enough to hold livestock. It's still a far cry ABOVE your average TT out there (trust me, I've researched a lot for 3 years). The important thing is inside comfort and aluminum is very good at conducting outside temperatures to the inside of your coach. Change is hard, but sometimes improvements ARE better than the original.

As for hard to find used...they're hard to find new, too. I suggest if you find one you like, new or used, buy it!! Don't wait! A new one will be more expensive, but you won't regret the quality you get. Time flies by so fast and that used one may not come along for several years! Use it while you're young.
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You are missing the point about the construction of the camper, it isn't about having an "overbuilt" floor.

As far as an aluminum floor being cold you put down these things called rugs. (for the minuscule fraction of us who camp when it is cold)

Regardless, the people who want an "all aluminum" camper can have one and so can the people who want a "no rot" one.


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