Started by miniwife, March 02, 2022, 06:49:37 PM

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We are Andy and Phil
Proud owners of a VRV from LivinLite of 2016 (custom made toy hauler)
Just went to storage and found the rear door smashed (hit and run on storage lot)
Wondering if anyone has or knows where we can get a replacement or have it remade?
Thank you
We love our VRV!


Challenger Door out of Indiana is who you want to get ahold of. They were bought out by Lippert last year, not sure what name they are using currently. There "should" be a white sticker on the ramp door on one of the interior outside/perimeter edges. That will tell them all the details to make an exact replacement. Does not come with graphics, handles, or license plate holder as far as I know. I would try asking if there is a special price for Livin Lite. If so, figure about ~$1300-1500 for the door itself plus packaging and freight. If not, it could be over $2k. Haven't done a ramp so not entirely sure. It would save hundreds if you can go there and pick it up. Just put it inside your trailer or see if they can install there.
Depending on how bad it is, find a local fabricator and see what it would cost to repair. Maybe use diamond plate on the outside unless you can find some aluminum sheets that match in color. Post a picture if you can?