Is the Exterior "Diamond Plate" actual metal on any of the campers?

Started by Biewers on the go, July 17, 2018, 03:21:32 PM

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Biewers on the go

I have a 2017 Camplite TC 8.4s and recently realized that the so-called exterior diamond plate on my rig is actually only plastic!  I was looking into attaching batteries for my solar system to the outside walls under the camper and in front of my wheel wells on my truck bed.  Boy did I feel stupid.  So I just went back to Livin Lite's site and they only list the diamond plate now on their toy haulers, and I can't get the specs on the TC's anymore that say it is Diamond Plate. 

Wish they hadn't sold out that division or I would really want to go after them for misleading and false product information and specs too. 

Anyone else want to weigh in on this issue?



The older models 2015 and before used actual metal diamond plate.   


All of the diamond plate on my 2016 is metal, however it is very thin so when you tap on it in certain places it doesn't feel like metal.


On my 2016 TC 8.4S it's plastic Diamond plate. Looks Cool buy it really is cheap plastic. You can get it at Home depot.


Diamond plate was made of metal on earlier versions (pre-2015).