Jack Points Tire Change

Started by Jackson, July 15, 2017, 10:11:24 AM

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What is the jack point on a single or dual axel CL?  I though I read not to place the jack on the axel/torsion bar.  And will the typical auto jack do the job?


I used a floor jack with a piece of 2x4 to spread the load on the aluminum frame. I jacked it up just behind the second wheel. A bottle jack would also work, but absolutely use a 2x4. The point load could puncture the frame ;-).

In an emergency I have used the scissor jack to support the back while I jacked up the front with the tongue jack until the wheel lifted. It is a little hard on the frame as it twists it, but it worked.



Thanks David.  I don't think I will be traveling with a floor or bottle jack. Nor do I like the idea of putting all the weight on the rear scissor jack and bending the frame as you suggest.  Still looking for ideas for on the road tire change if needed, but I will carry that 2 x 4.


The scissors jack that comes with my Ram 1500 does a great job if traveling. Otherwise, I use a hydraulic floor jack.  In both cases, I use a 2x4 on the frame between the tires.
2013 Camplite 21BHS


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