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Started by William, January 25, 2022, 10:23:38 AM

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I've been a member of the group since December of 2017 haven't spent much time here but I'm looking again for a livin lite.  I'm curious what a 2014 7 by 20 vrv sold for new in 2014. And since they don't make them anymore I'm curious what I could expect to pay for one today 7 x 20 with a flip-out queen bed and a fold-out couch no happy jack motorized bed. Because they don't make them anymore I can't seem to find them in any of the Native value guides or any information thanks.


Hi William. For values, check out KBB RV values. Livin Lite brand, and then try Quicksilver for the model. M 7x20 showed up when I checked and a base value was 21-25k.
I think they've been going for around 18-25k recently. Just depends on location and condition. I believe there were some for sale in the Midwest. Michigan and maybe Indiana. These were on Facebook Marketplace. Good luck!


Thanks so much for your reply I'm taking a look at that one in Michigan near Kalamazoo. I couldn't find anything on nada because they don't make them anymore I didn't think of k BB thank you again. 


There are good ones for 20K. 28K is the most you should pay for one I think.

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