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Possibly buying a sight unseen 14DBS


I found a trailer about 700 miles from me. We have a newborn so a road trip isnít really in the books. The reasons I want to make it happen are it has the optional bunk, and dual axle, and I like the 14 foot length. There are 2 16 foot near me but both single axle.

The dealer offered to deliver to me for the list price of $22,500. I have a deposit to hold it for me while we decide if financially it is smart for us to do.

Looks slightly weathered outside, itís a 2014 so that makes sense. Inside looks clean.

Is this a fair deal? I know this trailer is hard to find and having them deliver seems like a fair deal to me personally. Would you buy one sight unseen? They are just rare to find which makes me want to take the risk. Dealer said that I can refuse delivery when I inspect it but they wouldnít do the deal if they felt that would happen.


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