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Started by Stratcat, November 30, 2021, 10:58:10 AM

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Good morning,
My wife Heidi and I have started researching the nomad lifestyle. I am a 69 y/o senior and Heidi is 62. We have never owned  or traveled in a camper and have no idea what we might ultimately wind up doing. Currently we both still work, driving as subcontractors delivering auto parts in Wisconsin.
I drive a Prius V, and I bought a Highlander hybrid awd for her. The Highlander is rated to tow 3,500 lbs. so unless we upgrade to a stronger suv or truck that's our beginning point.
I hope to learn a lot here from all of you traveling veterans and hope to not be a bother to anyone


Well, you already have a leg up if you work as drivers. You need to be used to living on the road. In North America we're blessed, as is this lifestyle is supported unconsciously with all the RV parks and campsites scattered hither and thither. All I can say at this point is drive safe and follow you heart. Being in your 60s is still young in the 21st century ;)
Have been "livin' lite" across Ontario for 6 years, currently in Scarborough Ont. where I second as a tow truck driver, yup that's me!


I recommend if you've never camped before and  before you invest thousands of dollars in a unit,  rent an RV of some sort like a class C motor home and take it on a trip,  in the long run it would give you an idea of what you're getting yourselves into without making his permanent Financial investment.  Best of luck in your adventures and your decision!


If you are on Facebook, check out the Livin Lite groups there. There is one for toyhaulers, Camplite trailers, and the truck campers. Lots of good info and they are pretty active groups. Much more than here.
With the tow vehicle you have, you would probably be looking at the 11fk or 13' models. Those are light enough to be able to pulled by the Highlander I would think. If you decide to do this, I would try to find ANY enclosed trailer of similar dimensions and pull that first to see how it does so you aren't surprised later.