New member - Richard Shellnutt corroding door skin

Started by Richard shellnutt, October 30, 2021, 07:26:47 PM

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Richard shellnutt

I have a 2013 Camplite 16DB and the outside skin appears to corroding from the inside out. I am the 3rd owner so I' m not sure of where it has been before I owned it. Anybody else had an issue like this? Any ideas on fixes?  Are there replacement doors available?  Any helpful ideas you can provide are appreciated.


You aren't the only one. There is a sticker on the door itself somewhere. Get a picture of that and contact Challenger Door in Indiana. If you have that sticker, they can get you an exact replacement. Make sure you tell them it's for a Livin Lite trailer. Pricing should be around $450-$500, then there is shipping as well.