Best Generator under $1000

Started by PatrickPhillips, October 17, 2021, 07:25:22 AM

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Hi! I didn't find appropriate topic on this forum, so i write here..
I need your help, because i don't savvy in your men's stuff.
I've divorced, and moved to another house. (No, this is not a problem) In new place there are troubles with electricity, that's why i decided to buy generator. The problem is that i dunno anything about them, except they produce electricity  :D
I surfed internet and found review about generators. First of all, i was confused because of number of generators that had existed :???: Then i was upset  ::) , and now i'm here :P"
I think, that i should describe my situation with more details.
So here we go, i'm designer and as you understood i need my laptop working around the clock, but it keeps charge for 2-3 hours of usage. I don't think i should say about common things as a microwave, kettle, iron etc. Electricity can disappear for hours!!! Past week i was about to jump out the window! (I live at first floor, don't be scared)
I want you professional-men's opinion, which generator should i buy? The main criteria for me is reliability, durability, and possibility to work about 5-6 hours.
I'll be very grateful for you time and help.
Review, i found: - there are pros and cons of every generator, and features (it doesn't help to me) - my ex-husband advised me to buy this one (but i lived with him 10 years and i know that he understands not much more than me  ;D , maybe i'm mistaken)

Guys, help please, or i'll have to buy random one  :o