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mattress replacement for 2007 Quicksilver 5


Hey folks,

My wife and I just purchased a Quicksilver 5 this summer and had a great time going camping around our province, Newfoundland! One issue that we encountered was that the mattress was VERY uncomfortable. We are looking to have a new foam one made as the size is not a standard short queen (its 58" X 70"). My question is for anyone who has replaced their mattress in their Quicksilver 5.

QUESTION: What height can we have it made to and still fit well in the camper?

The mattress that the camper came with was only about 3 inches thick and I would like to have a thicker one made from high density foam and memory foam. Would a 5, 5, 6 or even 7 inch mattress work, or are we limited to the 3 inches?

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated!
Gregg Jesperson

We bought a 5 inch high density foam mattress and still kept two thin sleeping pads (usually for backpacking) under it. The top could close, however, the first time or two, it was a tight fit, however, it did close. Wow, what a difference!!!!x


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