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Started by woodfischer, September 17, 2021, 01:38:04 PM

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Left a window open on our '17 Livin' Lite and lost it on the highway ; seems to be a big supply problem ; any suggestions?


Yep...go get a sheet of 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch Plexiglas and make sure it is big enough to fit your window opening PLUS another 2-1/2 inches all around.  When cutting to final dimension, round the corners nicely to approximately match the corner radius of your Dometic windows.

Use a continuous bead of clear silicone to adhere the plexi to the camper shell.  Use painters tape or if necessary Gorilla duct tape to keep it attached to the camper while the silicone cures.  You will need to use plastic auto body panel removal tools, Goof Off caulk remover liquid and plastic putty knives to pry it off when your replacement Dometic arrives.

Also, look on eBay, Amazon, Camp World and call other trailer manufacturers who are using the double pane Dometic plastic windows.

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When you're talking about adhering the plexi, are you suggesting the gasket is removed so the plexi is able to sit flush(er) with the shell of the camper?

Additionally... does anyone have the window size for the kitchen window of the 11FK? I'm trying to find replacements as mine ripped off on the highway.

Thanks- Lauren


Hi Lauren - We own a 2014 14DBS and we lost our kitchen window this last fall when we left it open for the first time in seven years. The window size looks about the same as on the 11FK (300mm x 500mm). Needless to say I had a very difficult time finding a replacement. We also have Dometic/Sietz windows (model C5 - your 2017 might have a different window, I think the C5 windows were changed in 2016)). Of course I contacted Dometic - they no longer support or supply these windows. I looked through the forum and tried to contact some of the companies that were suggested - all dead ends. I looked at online window fabricators and RV salvage companies - again no luck.
  I then started to look at European RV suppliers and had much the same result until I found a company in the UK by the name of Caravan Crazy. they immediately replied to my initial email by saying they could get me a exact replacement. After a couple of emails back and forth, I ordered a replacement window from Caravan Crazy. Since the original window was lost, I also needed the latches and strut for the window, which they also said they could supply. The window took about three weeks for them to get, and I received the window abut a week later. The window was an exact replacement and took me about 10 minutes to install. The window was not cheap - about $900 for the window, hardware, and shipping, but I am really happy that I was able to keep all of the windows in original condition.
  Also, while I was looking for the replacement I did use a piece of tinted plexiglass cut to size at TAP plastics. I had it made it 1" larger than the rubber gasket and had them drill two holes in the center of the piece. I then used a piece of aluminum bar stock from Home Depot, a couple of bolts, washers and wing nuts to clamp the plastic in place and seal it to the original gasket - DO NOT REMOVE THE GASKET OR USE SILICONE! I was able to seal the opening and use the trailer without altering the opening; when I received the new window, I was able to remove the temporary plastic and install the replacement in under 10 minutes.
I attached some pictures of our windowless opening, the temporary plastic, and the new window.
Hope this helps!


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Thanks @jimmychris this helped a LOT!


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We had the same issue with loosing our kitchen window blowing off because of being unsecured.  We really appreciate this forum and especially this question/answer.  Thank you very much.  I am now working with Caravan Crazy, but it seems that our window size (500X300) is not on their website.  I am waiting for an email response. Thanks again @jimmychris .


Contact Livin Lite directly about ordering a replacement window specifically for your model. Supply may be trap the cat limited but they can likely source it.