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2015 13bhb replacement suggestions


We have just bought a 2015 13bhb. We need help finding replacement dining cushions - they are awful, sink window is cracked, the toilet fan will not open.

Also suggestions how best to clean interior, exterior and awning. It is in decent shape but not been cleaned well recently.

Thank you!

If the fan won't open, you may need a new arm assembly. They aren't very expensive or overly complicated to replace. You can find videos on YouTube. Just make sure you find the right one. I replaced that same one last year and the arm I got was slightly different, but I was able to make it work. I clean the interior mostly with a, broom, a vacuum, and a damp cloth. I use regular carwash and a product called "The Last Coat" on the outside. I use a product from The Last Coat called, CeraTrim on the external plastic trim. I clean the roof with a bit of Dawn dish soap and a cloth

I don't have any suggestions on the window. For the time being you should always seal the crack with some silicone sealant or something, until you track down a replacement.

I hope this helps. Good luck!


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