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Soft Floors?



I have Camplite that I'm trying to sell to a dealer in the area. I took it in for an appraisal and they said it has "soft floors". There's never been any water damage or anything and as far as I can tell the floors are pretty much the same and when we got it new a few years ago. They've always had a bit of give but I assumed this was normal. Anyone have any insight here? Thanks in advance!

Mine has ribbed aluminum flooring and no give.  What is your flooring material?

My 2017 21RBS has soft floors also in the walking area around the kitchen/dining area.  Seems we can feel the aluminum ribs, but in between the floor is soft/sagging when walking on it.  Any suggestions as to how to repair this?  We are heading out for a 3 month "snow-bird" excursion and would like to repair prior to going.

The flooring on this model is not the all aluminum flooring but rather the composite material over the aluminum framing.


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