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16 TBS Slide out manual operation


How can you manual retract the slide?

Same for the awning


PDX David:
To access the gear/knob(?) to manually move the slide you need to remove the metal step cover below the seating area. In anticipation of having to do this some day, I bought the necessary size nut driver and ratchet to remove the nuts holding mine. They are tiny and not easy to do without the right tools.  If you search this forum I believe someone posted photos of this in the past which is where I gained this knowledge.

Also, the electronics for the slide-out are in the square panel near the ceiling to the right of the bathroom door (in mine).  I discovered this one night when a red light start flashing from 'within' the wall. I don't remember what exactly I did to reset and turn off the light, but the slide has worked fine since and was actually working fine before the trouble light started flashing.



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