2010 QS 10.0 How to repair stripped threads for wall brace

Started by jddj, March 02, 2023, 06:24:25 PM

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Does anyone have experience repairing stripped threads in the wall of the QS 10.0 (or other QS tent campers)?

The threads are about gone on the wall-side mounting point for the brace near the door. I know about typical thread repairs: helicoil, screw goop/epoxy, drill/tap another hole nearby, long bolt/locknut on other side, aluminum foil in the hole, etc.

I just haven't been inside the wall, the camper's in storage, and I'd like to be prepared to fix it when I go get it for the next trip out.

What's in there, and what do you think might be my best option?

Picture here (that's somebody else's trailer, but generally-speaking the same brace):