Need to patch the hole where the A/C was in a Livin Lite 8.0. Any Suggestions?

Started by kwelsh1957, July 09, 2021, 01:00:58 AM

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Has anyone covered up the air conditioner hole in an 8.0?  The mount broke on a rough road and I had to remove the A/C.  I would like to simply cover the hole since I have never used the air conditioner.  Has anyone done this? If so, how?


I did this on a 8.0 with the always sticks out setup.   I removed all the trim around the hole. I went to a local plastics house and had them cut .06 thick ABS plastic sheet to the size I wanted.  I used the old trim and screws and Silicon bathtub calk to fasten it over the hole.   Looks good and works.