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50 Amp to 30 Amp


I have a 16 DBS New trailer .
My question is it has a 30 amp electrical requirement so that when i plug in at a camp sight i use the
power cord provided when i purchased it.   
What if I camp where there is a 50 amp plug in?  Does that plug in accept my 30 amp power plug/cable? or do I
need to obtain a reducer  from 50 to 30 cord(if thats what its called) ..   or  do campgrounds provide this type of
modified cord for campers..(probably at a fee)??  I saw a device at Cabela's that went from 50 to 30 and thought this might be a good investment.


The physical plug is different for 50 and 30 amp connections, so you need an adapter. They're usually called "dog bone" adapters because they're pretty short with big plugs on both ends. Here's the one I have:

Thats what I saw at Cabela's but hesitated to buy until i was sure. obviously i can get them cheaper
on amazon/ebay... appreciate the link!


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