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livinlite camplite 13bhb-locating roof trusses


I am preparing a 2014 13BHB solar panel install & need to drill holes in the roof to complete the installation.

What is the most accurate method of finding the aluminum roof truss locations through the aluminum sheet roof?
Anyone have a roof truss diagram or had 100% success locating the trusses through the aluminium roof?

Appreciate your advice, thanks,

Earth Canary:
Hello, I put solar panels on the roof of my vintage camper. However, with this 2014 13BHB I have now, I use the "suitcase solar panels" which are much easier and store precisely in the gap to the left of the door! You may have considered this and discarded this option already, but since the batteries are set up for the solar clip-ons, I found this to be a much easier solution. To your question, I have not attempted to locate the roof trusses; there must be a schematic somewhere within this forum? Good luck.

The Camplite has metal trusses and metal roof which a stud finder could not locate the trusses from the outside.

The solution was:
-stud find found the metal trusses & truss spacing through the interior azdel roof
-transfer metal trusses inside locations to the outside roof
-drill small pilot hole in first truss to confirm 100% truss location

The above method resulted in an easy solar panel installation to the roof trusses

I hope this will guide other Camplite owners on similar roof projects.


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