Used VRV/Quicksilver book values

Started by KTM Mike, August 31, 2018, 10:42:13 PM

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KTM Mike

Hi every.  New guy here - considering purchasing a used Livin Lite Toyhauler - specifically 7x18 maybe 7x20 (I might consider a 6x15 even).  Anyhow, as I have been researching used units, I am a bit confused when looking up NADA book values.

One I came across is advertised as a 2014 Quicksilver VRV 7x18.   In looking up NADA book values, NADA lists Quicksliver separately from VRV.  VRV only goes as far as 2013 in their book values, and does list a 7x18. But...thats the wrong year as what was advertised is a 2014.  So, I looked at Quicksilver.  They do not list a 7x18 in 2014, only 7x20.   What gives here?  Is the seller mistaken, and actually has a 2013?  Or is the NADA values and models listed incorrect?

Secondly - my impression from other units I have looked up is that it seems everything is listed for well above NADA values - at least $2000 higher.  I certainly understand pricing in negotiating room - but this seems beyond the norm.  Conversely, I know from experience that NADA book values for some used motorcycles is way off from reality of what is out there being sold.  Which is the case with Livin Lite ?   simply excessive negotiating room built in to advertised prices, or do they really sell well above book values?

Im sure I will have plenty of other questions!



I believe it is due to a few factors: 1) Livin Lite trailers are a specialty trailer. I know there are a couple of others now, ATC for example. 2) The original purchase price is typically higher than most other units that are similar in nature, construction and use and most who decide to sell them really want to get a tad more for them. 3) Most "Value" books truly have no clue. REENUT


The price for Aluminum has skyrocketed since 2013.  These trailers will be worth more on that alone.


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