Ramp door latch locks

Started by CChambers13, July 05, 2021, 02:21:26 PM

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Door hatches cause major trouble if not fixed timely, so whenever you see a minor issue contact a locksmith immediately for help.


Thanks I might need a whole new ramp door as well because moisture is getting in causing black mold to grow around the entrance. I do winter camping and its hard to keep it warm especially when the ramp door doesn't make an airtight seal. I already got a mold removal business coming in to clean the black mold, that's how bad it is. So I appreciate any ramp door recommendations.


Ramp door latch locks can be confusing to repair.

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Well, a latch can be replaced DIY also. There is no need to contact a lock expert for that work.
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Quote from: CChambers13 on July 05, 2021, 02:21:26 PMWe need to replace our ramp door locks— one lock, the key turns but does not lock— the other lock pulled out still attached to the key and won't lock back in place.  Not sure what type of locks/latches were used or how to go about replacing.  We have a 2018 Quicksilver 24 x 8.5
I never see any of such issues with ramp door locks as an emergency locksmith near has done the installation of these locks in such a way that i never faced any issues with such door locks.