Ramp door latch locks

Started by CChambers13, July 05, 2021, 02:21:26 PM

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We need to replace our ramp door locks— one lock, the key turns but does not lock— the other lock pulled out still attached to the key and won't lock back in place.  Not sure what type of locks/latches were used or how to go about replacing.  We have a 2018 Quicksilver 24 x 8.5


I have Camp'N RV cabinet latch, they are strong and durable. These latches secure and keep the door closed.


Hardware House is also great.Secure design requires more force than average to open standard closets. These RV Cabinet Latches are also reasonably beginner-friendly, seeing that it only takes about a minute to install them properly.


ACIMONE cabinet door latch is a great idea to keep them closed while driving.  Installation is also an important consideration, and with this device, it's a breeze. It's better if you have an electric drill to install it and maintain it aligned with your catch, and then you're ready to go.


Well, a latch can be replaced DIY also. There is no need to contact a lock expert or locksmith for that work.


Quote from: ronaldos on October 30, 2021, 08:13:20 AM
I have Camp'N RV cabinet latch, they are strong and durable. These latches secure and keep the door closed.

In order to replace the door latch i suggest all to contact the best locksmith expert near as they can repair or replace the latch easily.

Agatha Smith

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