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Corrosion and pin holes forming in Azdel fiberglass siding


I have a 2013 CampLite 13BHB and there is corrosion and holes forming on the entry door and at the bottom of the side fold out. It looks like moisture got into the doors and froze, causing them to blister.
From what I'm reading this has been a common and known issue among LivinLite owners. Has anyone had any luck repairing this? Has Thor provided any help or guidance to owners experiencing this problem?

Contact Challenger Door in Indiana. If you have the stickers on the doors themselves they can match them up quite easily. They have a pretty good for us Livin Lite owners, but it will still cost you. I paid around $550 for a complete side door/screen door assembly last year. Not too hard to replace.
I dealt with Amos Bontrager

Thanks. But it sucks that we have to pay Challenger to replace the defective doors they originally provided to Livin Lite.

FYI, price has gone up. Just paid ~$700 for one for my toyhauler. It is irritating, but I also didn't buy mine new, so I knew about this going into it. If I had bought new, I would be pretty upset.


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