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The key the dealer gave me for the front storage compartment (ch751) doesn't work the locks. Can someone please give me the key code for the front storage locks. Trailer is a 2017 CampLite 21BH. Thanks.

The couple I've had have been the CH751. Prior owner may have changed them. Maybe the RV dealer has a bunch of standard keys and could try several different ones. Or find a locksmith.

Thanks. Unfortunately the dealer is in Maine and we're in Colorado, so it may come down to a locksmith or not locking the storage compartment.

I have a 2017 Camplite 21RBS and the storage compartments use a 'Global Link G391' key. Because of the same model year I would assume yours would need the same key. At one time I had misplaced my keys and talked to my dealer on the phone. They mailed me a 'Master key' that opened everything but the deadbolt on my trailer.
Maybe your dealer can do the same - that's a lot cheaper then the locksmith...

Very helpful. Thanks very much.


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