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Crossing over to the new version of the board.  Been lusting after a black qs10- and hope to scratch the itch this time next year!
Also hope this move presages regular involvement by factory reps.

Railsnstiles (aka Greg)


I am a real owner. When possible, I will try to answer questions. A more appropriate answer could be, if you do not get an answer here, there are other forums such as........

Your response indicates that I would not give an honest answer. That is offensive and reflects poorly on you.


It reflects more on the way Livin Lite/Thor/K-Z (or whoever they are today) handled the changeover in forums.  I don't think the poster meant anything personal.  I believe the assessment of honesty on this forum is rooted in the level of moderation and removal of negative posts that would take place here versus the previous more independent forum.


--- Quote from: ACF on January 05, 2017, 09:22:06 AM ---@djsamuel is right, @mjmoore17 I never called out any owners on here. If you took offense that is your interpretation but not what is written. My issue is with the new board not with any owners. Did I call out any current owners? No. Did I say the owners here were bad? No. I suggested plenty of real live owners were elsewhere.

I have real expectations that this board will be sanitized to only reflect what the new managment wants published. I like the other board and I take offense to some company just taking that away for no apparent reason. Worse yet they put out a lame excuse about security, data retention, and ads...that's insulting to us as owners. How do we know LL won't just shut this board down when it doesn't go as they want? So for for data retention then...

--- End quote ---

I wish there was a like button.

My personal plan is to enjoy every site I can, before and after my purchase.

 I learned a great deal from the old site, have logged inro this one, the "aluminum" site, livinthelitelife, popupsforum popupportal, canvascampers- the works. I have even logged into the livinlite facebook page (honestly, not a big fan of anything facebook). I have learned from/ enjoyed the comraderie found in them all.

I realize there are passions yet to play out, but I have chosen to enjoy and learn from anyone sharing knowledge, problems, and solutions.  So far, i have found many interesting, helpful and insightful people in these forums.  I look forward much more of the same, no matter where they choose to share.  Camping folk are the best.

Thank you all!


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