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2015 TBS wheel upgrade


Can I upgrade my 13" wheels on my 2015 dual axle 16TBS to either 14" or 15" wheels?

You can increase the wheel size, but would need to work with the tire shop to get tires that are approximately the same outer diameter. Unless you are planning on lifting the trailer as well. Then you could go a little bigger with the tires as well. Obviously double check the lug nut pattern to make sure it matches.

I am buying a 13QBB 2013. I see the later models had bigger tires on it. I would like to put larger tires on the camper, 14" or 15" running on the highway and clearance in rougher terrain. If I needed to lift the camper a little how would I do that.

Drexel sells a lift kit (I think you can get it through  It is a bolt on application where spacers are mounted between the existing axles mounts and the axles.


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