Livin Lite Toy Hauler VRV 6x15 or similar

Started by Seboost, March 26, 2021, 08:51:05 PM

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Hi, we are looking for a living lite toy hauler, not too big is size and in good shape. I'd be thankful for any offers. We live in Missouri. Thanks!


I'm planning to sell my 2016 QS VRV 6x15 once I receive a newly purchased Momentum 320G.  I expect the 320G to arrive in mid-May.  The Livin Lite Toy Hauler is in very good condition.  I'm currently in the Miami, Florida area.  Let me know if your interested.


Hi, yes, I might be interested. Does it have a fresh water tank, grey and black water tank? How much do you want for it? Could you send some photos?


I have a 6x15 2017 for sale in Ontario Canada. Everything works has all the options plus a high end WD hitch.