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Part numbers for Axle seals and bearing


Does anyone know the part numbers for the axle bearing and seals for a 16 dbs with dual axles? Its time to service them and I want a couple on hand before I tear into them.


I assume you have Dexter axles on your trailer as mine does, I carry a data folder for the axles on board which includes the build sheet of the axle listing all parts and dimensions.

I located the model and serial number on the axle, called Dexter and they sent me an e-mail with the build data sheet.

Next go to and look under "resources" and download a handbook on maintenance which includes charts with the bearing sizes/part numbers and step by step instructions on bearing replacement and service including the electric brakes also, there is also a video section showing step by step instructions on replacing bearings, this is quite valuable because you will see exactly what tools you need to service the bearings.

I carry a couple of spare bearing kits and all tools and supplies to service them on board the trailer at all times. The kits were purchased from E-trailer.
My onboard service kit includes bearing kits, a can of bearing grease for packing new bearings, a grease gun and two tubes of grease,brass center punch, large hammer,block of wood.Carrying all this stuff is good insurance that i'll probably never need to use it on the road!

One final note. It is quite common for trailer owners to have their first bearing problem immediately after having their bearings replaced due to the torque of the axle nut not being properly torqued, usually too tight,it's a good idea to check them after a few miles at highway speed,a good indicator that they are too tight is when the grease turns to liquid.



Thanks David!

Great info.  I will be sure to follow directions, no one needs a failure on vacation.

Well I am glad I sent an e-mail to Dexter.  They sent me the build sheet for my axles.  It did not match at all with the manual I received with my trailer. Now I have a complete set of seals, with a spare and a spare set of bearings. 


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