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Hello From FL new to us 2017 16TBS


Hey all, Greg and Kim here in Melbourne, FL. Just purchased our lightly used 2017 16TBS from some really nice folks on the FL West Coast. The extent of our own RVing is the towing of it 165 miles home (other than as guests in other people's rigs, and Kim some pop up camping as a kid).....Been doing some light detailing on it, and beginning to familiarize ourselves with the electrical and mechanical systems on the rig so I imagine we'll have many questions from the experts out there !

Chuck Pgh:
Welcome and congrats.  Thats a great size to tow.  I have a 7x18 toyhauler.  If you ever want to chat, let me know.  ive towed for yrs and just got this last summer.  Chuck from pgh

Welcome from Central Florida.  We've had our 21BHS for 8 years and love it.  Any questions, lots of people available to help.  Be sure to join:

That is a much more active site.

Welcome aboard from Wisconsin..have fun

Welcome to both of you!
Sadly we will part ways as I will move from FL to AL in a couple of weeks. My job asks me to move.

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