Livin Lite a virtual no show in Florida

Started by Berzerker, August 03, 2017, 07:38:08 PM

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Considering the Florida heat and humidity which reek absolute Havoc  on anything Wood related especially untreated wood that comprises 90% of the RV Market here in Florida, why does Livin Lite  have virtually no marketing or dealership Network in the State of Florida aside from a as ordered basis only dealer in Key Largo Florida.?

Should you market and support the Livin Lite product line emphasizing the all aluminum  no wood approach you should do very well....

and did I mention the annual rain fall as well?

I am so determined to get a LL Ford 26 fbd that I am flying to Wisconsin to purchase it !


Would you happen to be going to Prosser RV?  I bought my first LL camper from them and they are great to work with.


Yes I am.. Prosser RV indeed. Mike Prosser and his staff have been a absolute pleasure to deal with and very accommodating prompting a flight from Daytona to Milwaukee. Most importantly they beat the snot out of any other dealers OTD price prompting the 3 hour flight/expense. You will never find that type of customer service and dedication to the consumer in central Florida.


I have wondered that my self.  Holiday RV and marine is a fairly new dealer.
Other than Holiday RV our Southern most dealers closest to florida are:



Before the buyout by Thor, there were dealers in Florida.  I purchased my 2013 21BHS from RV World in Lakeland.  They dropped the Cmaplites after the buyout since they did not carry Thor products.  Lazy Daze near Tampa continued to carry them for a while after the buyout, but they too dropped them.  The couple of times I needed service on my Camplite, RV World in Lakeland handled it with no problem. 
2013 Camplite 21BHS


Thousands of camping folks in Florida. Thousands of SENOIRS buying RV's in Florida. The LARGEST RV show in TAMPA FLORIDA with out a single Livin Lite.

2017 Camplite 21RBS
2015 Toyota Tundra
Central Florida


Thousands of campers call Florida home. A large number of SENOIRS are buying RVs in Florida. There wasn't a single Livin Lite at the biggest RV expo in Tampa, Florida.  wordle today