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Attaching camera to roof


Hi All, I'n hopefully picking up our new 21BHS in 2 weeks (supposed to be off the assembly line on the 7th!).  One of the first things I want to add is a rear view camera.

Does anyone have any recommendations on attaching the camera to the top of trailer?  E.g. is there any adhesive that would bond well with the rubber roof or do I need to screw it into the alum frame?

Any thoughts greatly appreciated!

Depending on what type of mounting bracket you could unscrew the metal trim band screws and use the same screw or slightly longer one to screw it down to trim band. 3M makes an  Automotive double sided adhesive tape that might work if you have a flat area to stick the mount too. They make different hold strengths dependent on weight of the item being stuck down. You can use dental floss pulled in a sawing motion between the mount and double sided tape to remove the mount if you need to remove it in the future. Then use Goo Gone to clean off the adhesive glue.


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