2013 QBB Repair - Any Recourse for the Axle Coming Off?

Started by Molly, November 01, 2020, 01:20:37 PM

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I'm grateful insurance is covering the majority of repairs related to damage from the axle coming off of my 2013 16ft QBB travel trailer - but I have to pay the axle costs.

The reason for the accident (thankfully no injuries or TV damage) I've been told is the axle was not welded properly and the size of the metal sheets (for lack of better term) used to attach to aluminum frame were small - think axle size is fine, haven't checked, haven't asked.

Is this something Livin Lite should have to pay for?

The trailer will now be repaired correctly and we will be safe on the road, but I'm still really pissed off, and have no respect for this company - or the new version KZ at all.

Any thoughts? TIA


Photos of the failed location are key. Most failures of axle becoming detached from the trailer have been documented as weld failures on the frame side, which is aluminum. This is a documented issue for these aluminum trailers unfortunately. Whoever was tasked to weld that day seemed to either have good experience with aluminum, or a less than adequate welder buggered up welds badly.

The way you have it worded makes it sound like the mounting bracket on the axle is what failed? So there is some confusion on what actually failed.

As far as having it covered. I know there was a recall to have weld areas reinforced if the welds were cracking. With Livin Lite defunct, I don't know where you would get with having KZ cover any costs. Maybe I am wrong though, I am not a lawyer, which may be best to consult.

EDIT: Just realized you posted the failure pictures in another thread. It does appear the aluminum frame weld failed.


Thanks a ton - I will follow up on the recall for improper welding and see what happens. Will post here the results.

Your advice and information much appreciated, Molly


I found information on that axle frame welding recall issue - is for 2017-2019 year models, so mine is not applicable here.

Here is the link to the recall information and the law firm that deals with RV Lemon Law - http://rv-recalls.rvlemonlaw.com/2018/10/livin-lite-is-recalling-certain-rvs-due.html

If someone needs legal help, they may be a good place to start, get a referral, etc.



This isn't the axel but an example of what happened on both sides.


Got a similar thing happened to me. You can file a lawsuit if you'd really be serious about it, probably a personal injury lawyer.

traumatic brain injury


This is not the axel, but rather an illustration of what occurred on both sides. x trench run