21bhs comparable under Thor umbrella?

Started by Cantrellnken, October 13, 2020, 03:52:29 PM

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Hi, new to the forum and new to travel trailers. I have read a lot about the building and longevity of livin lite and read their story. I have been having a hard time finding a 21bhs for sale and wondered is there anything from Thor or brands that comes close to the construction/ insulation/ weight of the 21bhs?
It's hard to believe a company would buy to not integrate the technology. 


Not sure, but I would guess it's not likely.

I'd say if you can find a good one online several states away, it's worth the road trip to check it out and possibly buy it. Your best bet is probably to keep searching and be patient.


Read up about the axle issues with these trailers first is my advice - very serious issues, some are defective and dangerous to tow.

Other thread "Beware" etc. I wrote - has a link to the old forum that has a bunch of stories plus be sure to read David's axle story - scary stuff.


Pre 2016 model year are all aluminum and while they were Thor products they were still being built the old "livinlite" way.

Starting in 2017 is when the aluminum started being replaced with rubber roofs, foam floors, fiberglass sides, etc.


There have been several for sale on the LivinLite Facebook group.  You  may want to join if you're interested in buying a trailer.