Water heater issue

Started by wakeboydb, September 26, 2020, 09:42:47 PM

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Hi guys, any ideas on this. I have a 2017 21bhs. I always purge the propane when turning on the gas, by lightning the stove so im sure its not air in the lives. Here's the issue  - when I light the water heater, it lights instantly and roars with a blue flame, just as it should.  After about 8 - 10 mins, the flame gets weaker and weaker until it eventually goes out . If I try to relight it, I hear the solenoids and igniter but no flame. If I wait an hour or more, all is well again and mostly will be of for the rest of the trip. On one occasion,  it did this whole thing twice before operating normally.  I have cleaned the flame tube and orifice.  Its almost like the propane line has moisture in it?? When the fault is starting  the flame gets weak and travels back down the tube. You can hear that the "roar" has gone. A minute later, it will extinguish fully, until I wait for an hour. When the fault occurs,  the red light comes on next to the on / off switch,  as it should. Once it has had its "hissy fit" the light stays out and the burner cycles on and off as needed to keep the water hot.
2017 21BHS