Atwood Heater

Started by DaveL, October 07, 2020, 10:26:42 AM

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Turned on the furnace for the very first time last weekend to provide heat on a cold morning.  Was really surprised that it took so much force to move the switch on top of the thermostat to "on".  Was convinced I was going to end up breaking it.

Looks like it is a typical problem for this thermostat.  I saw one post where someone had "filed down a little plastic bump" to make it easier.  Looks difficult to do.....  is this something anybody else has worried about or come up with a solution?   Has anyone actually broke one of these or despite the force they are durable and I don't need to fix a problem that doesn't exist?


Mine is difficult as well.  Haven't changed anything but never broke it.  I don't use the furnace much though.
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